Simple conversations can help keep your child safe. | Can't see this properly? Read it online.
Talk Pants and you've got it covered
Simple conversations can help keep your child safe from abuse

We know that your child's safety is your number one priority, and you play an important role in teaching them how to protect themselves.

But parents often tell us that talking to their children about keeping safe from sexual abuse is one of the hardest things to do.

Working closely with mums, dads and carers we've created The Underwear Rule guide to help you have simple conversations, without using scary words or mentioning sex.

The Underwear Rule is a child-friendly way to teach children that:

their body belongs to them
they have a right to say no, and
they should always tell an adult if they're upset or worried.

We also have tips and advice to help you find the right words, and the right moments, making talking with your child easier.

Teach your child the Underwear Rule Teach your child the Underwear Rule

You've got it covered
Learn to talk pants
Talk about it
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PANTS is an easy way to explain and remember the Underwear Rule, and we've created a child-friendly guide that you can use together.

You don't have to go through all of the Underwear Rule at once. It's much better to have small conversations, as and when the subject comes up.

Download your guide for children download your guide
"My Winkle". "My Noo Noo". "My Tiddler".

Families have different names for private parts and using words that are familiar to your child will help you explain the Underwear Rule.

Whether they use a name you've taught them or funny words they've made up, your child needs to know that their body belongs to them, and no one else.

Watch our Underwear Rule video Watch our Underwear Rule video
Watch our video

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